Lyft app

Did you know that you could connect your smart phone device with passengers who needs a ride. With the drivers who have cars by using a peer to peer ride sharing app? Well, that is now possible. Thanks to the Lyft, a peer to peer ride sharing app. Earlier we reviewed the Ubber ride sharing app, which is similar to Lyft.

Lyft has been developed to help users on iOS and Android platforms to connect with passengers who require a ride with the drivers who have a car. Currently, this amazing app operates in over 65 US cities! And the number of cities continues to rise.

How Lyft Works

This app works on the basis that a request for a ride is made in the Lyft app by the passenger. Once the request has been made, the passenger gets picked up by one of the reliable community driver in a matter of minutes. Here is what Lyft app offers:

  • Request for a ride. You request for a ride by signing up for the service from your smart phone-whether an iOS or Android phone.
  • Anytime you’d like to get a ride from one of the community drivers in your neighborhood, you simply send a request command from your smart phone.
  • The request sent activates a series of processes that leads to the availability of a driver from a community of drivers in your neighborhood.
  • Track your driver’s expected time of arrival by using the app on your smart phone device. You can actually view the driver’s photo so that you know who you are driving with.
  • Arrive at your destination. Once you arrive at your destination, close the app.

Methods of Riding

There are 3 methods of riding. You select the appropriate method depending on your preference. Here are the 3 ways to ride with this app:

  • Lyft. This is the original ride app. It’s used for one, two or three friends. It’s available nationally and the maximum number of people to use this app is 3.
  • Lyft Plus. It accommodates a maximum of 6 passengers. It’s also available nationally.
  • Lyft Line. This method is available for smart phone users in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Boston. It goes for a lower price compared to other methods.

What About the price?

Well, the total cost of a ride in this app based on the distance covered, the total time, the base charge, the trust and safety fee and prime time. All these factors combine to produce the total charge that you’re likely to pay.

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