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Some people keep on changing from one operating system to another, they aim at finding which one will fit their needs perfectly.  Someone can choose among Linux vs Windows vs Mac, basing their idea on knowledge and their interest to be performed by the particular operating system.

Linux vs Windows vs Mac

In this article I will be describing these three operating systems Linux vs Windows vs Mac, in terms of every design and modern customization on them.  At the end you will see how they function differently and choose what suits you most.



Photo Source: Should You Skip Windows 8 and Wait for Windows 10

I think, I will start with the Windows as it is the most popular operating system. So Windows from Microsoft is the most popular operating system. What made it most popular is its compatibility with modern different drivers, applications and games. This operating system has the ability to support almost every modern application that you may need to use. Since its introduction in the market in 1995 with Windows 95, Windows has been the backbone of most operations carried in commercially as well as home based. Despite few flaws, help desk has been in frontline to guide and help anyone using this software. It may require a lot of computer resources to run faster for example Vista or the versions after Vista, require large memory, disk space and the processor.

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Mac is another great operating system loved by many people. Being older than the Windows, it was the first ever successful graphical based operating system to be released in the market one year before its Microsoft counterpart was made. Moreover, it’s the best to use where virus is an issue as its better protected compared to Windows. The only limitation is that it runs only on Apple hardware becoming less popular operating system. It allows few programmers to run on it and offers almost no game support. Mac is loved because of its design, also because of power, designers and music producers are mostly using Mac devices. Additional you can read 5 good reasons to move from PC to Mac.


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Linux operating system is little known, basically it is know by its customized distributions like Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Elementary OS and others (check Top Most Mopular Linux Distros). Linux is open source. This mean you can download, modify and distribute to your friends without any compromise. There are several distrols available in the internet that you can use to modify its kernel to meet all your needs. It’s less venerable to virus though a bit complicated software as you need additional programs or the distributions for it to work out as you need. You can read about the difference between Linux and Windows.

Now you know about each of the three operating systems. You can tell the most reliable one, but each one of them comes with its disadvantages. In conclusion, all the above mentioned operating systems and others are all capable of becoming your best depending on what you what to with your computer.

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