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Institutions or individuals chose their servers depending on a variety of reasons.  Server users will value and rate the best with the fastest and reliable connection. How stable a server is determines how users will rate it. Linux being older than windows does not automatically make it better. They are both reliable servers and you simply choose the one to use depending what you want to do online or rather the type of business you operate.

Linux Server vs Windows Server

Below are factors that every server use will consider before determining which operating system to choose.

Security of the Server


Weather on server or embedded environment system need to be secure. The risk of hackers should be highly minimized. This property is much stressed by Linux operating system. Windows is not as secure as Linux and this basically is because Linux is based on Unix and was designed from the start to be one of multi user operating system. This means that every user is secure on every link operating. Only the administrator has the administrative privileges .Fewer users and applications have permission to access the kernel of each other which makes Linux more secure.


As mentioned earlier, how stable is your server the better? Linux having many years as operating system assures no elements of breakdown. It can run for many years once installed without any failure. Linux can handle a number of processors running at the same time keeping speed the same compared to Windows which in most cases has to stop responding until you restart your computer.

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Programmers upgrade. Windows requires constant programs upgrade to keep to date with recent available software’s. This brings server usage low as the system has to update every running program anytime a connection is found. Linux once programs are stored they keep in touch for updates with the server. It has to be permitted to upgrade just to avoid limiting the processor speed. Read more in the following article, Why Linux is Better than Windows.

Freedom of the Server

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Linux has the freedom to access a dump of links at the same time. You can run any program with the server operating and it has nothing to affect compared to windows.

Some programs like Color Draw cannot be run in low architectural computer with Windows will the server is serving.

Both Linux and Window servers are reliable operating systems. But, they are different in several ways and knowing that will enable you go the one that suits your needs most.

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