Linux Remote Desktop to Windows

Yes, there is a way of connecting to Windows remote on desktop, however most of the administrators use and always work within a Windows environment. Many times administrators would want to connect to a remote Windows machine that has already been incorporated to a Linux system, and most of them are used to doing this from a remote desktop although it is quite different with a Linux. It may sound complicated. But what doesn’t sound difficult until you take time to understand it?

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With Linux there are plenty of remote control protocol (RDP) which allow you to connect to just any platform, the best thing about windows is that you can be able to connect to your desktop from any location to remotely control your computer at any time. This functionality is always native in windows concurrently it is not supported by default in many Linux system distributions inclusive of Ubuntu. In addition, you can always connect to third party tools that are mainly found in Ubuntu software center. Always remember that for other computers to be allowed to connect to the Windows computer, the Remote Desktop Connection feature must be enabled. Then you will need to configure the remote connection that you want to establish at any given time.

Linux Remote Desktop to Windows

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How to Bridge Your Network?

There are simple steps to take in order to set up and bridge the network fully in your system. If you choose default setting in your windows, you will not be able to access the system reason being that IP address is not handled through NAT; this is where you must go for a connection which is bridged in order to attain the LAN IP address.

Bridge Your Network

Always remember that selecting very large icons on your desktop, resolution with the color depth has an impact on the performance remote desktop resolution session. And whenever you experience a lag while being connected to the network always reduce the color depth or the resolution. With this network you can share a folder which is existing Ubuntu computer with the windows computer. You simply click on the share folder box.

Linux remote desk to windows saves you time and makes work easier. However, you must know how to do for you to control you desktop properly even when far from your computer. The steps above will enable you do that.

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