LG G4 Cam Plus Module

Yet Google didn’t preset us its modular phone, probably it is still as a concept. But luckily Google presented is the LG G5 with some sort of features that makes us to think that it is a modular phone.

Today we will take a look and review the Cam Plus Module for the LG G5. What it does it gives physical controls to your LG G5 camera, and it will be much easier to take photos in manual mode.

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In The Hands

LG G4 Cam Plus Module 2

Seeing Cam Plus for the first time, I would never thing that it is just a set of physical controls for the LG G5 camera. It looks more like the extra battery, an external battery attached to the back of the phone. You get used to it really quickly and it makes a lot easier and faster to take the photo with the settings you want.

The Look

LG G4 Cam Plus Module 3

It looks not to bad and not too well designed. It is simple and light. You have different colors like gold, silver, black. It is made of plastic and actually it doesn’t feel cheap. It looks good but not like “wow”.

The Battery

LG G4 Cam Plus Module 5

If you look at the battery specs, it only qualifies for Quick Charge 2.0 for input and output. It is only 5v/9v for input and only 5v for output. I cannot confirm that this device will charge your phone faster, I think that it would take the same time. Also the phone will get more heated up when charging through this device.

Overall Impressions

LG G4 Cam Plus Module 1

So far, this looks like a great idea, the only thing is that you would not be able to use a case.

Also I think that you will need an extra battery, because this will take more battery, and using your phone for 4 hours a day will require some struggle. But taking photos is much nicer and more comfortably, especially for people that love taking photos and thought that today they would not need to take with themselves their heavy DSLR.

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Also the bad thing is that the module does not quick charge your phone, so you will have to plug only your phone to quick charge. In short words, it is a nice device for the DSLR lovers.

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