Latest flagship smartphone from LG as you know it’s the LG G4. LG G4 has a big removable battery and a power-efficient processor. But let’s go more in the details.

LG hopes that G4 will be a better smartphone then the other competitors like Galaxy S6 from Samsung or HTC One M8. To have the glory of the Best Android Smartphone, LG chooses a different approach.

LG used premium materials, aluminium and leather and a big variety of colors like: blue, beige, yellow, brown for leather back and also there is a ceramic back.

Inside the LG G4 we find the first phone powered by the Snapdragon 808 processor. This processor uses four power efficient processors which can offer more power but eat a lot more juice from the battery. LG says the the processors are well balanced to give best performance and not to eat battery juice too fast.

Battery Life: LG G4 vs LG G3

Looking at the battery life, the LG G4 it’s estimated to least about 20 percents longer that the LG G3, considering that both phones use the same capacity battery, 3,000mAh. This is the data on papers, but on papers doesn’t mean tested in real life conditions. The battery for both phones is removable which is a big plus.

The screens has the same size and resolution, 5.5 inches and 1440 by 2560 pixels. LG G4 screen is IPS Quantum which offers much more brightness, contrast and color reproduction. The new screen should not eat more battery life then the one on the G3.


Battery Life Benchmark Test

According to phonearena.com Benchmark, Sony Xperia Z3 battery life is about 9h 29min in benchmark test, and can be considered as one of the best around. Samsungs Galaxy S6 battery life is about 7h 14min in benchmark test. LG G3’s result is 6h 14min, and LG G4 is 6h 6min.LG G4 battery


With LG G4, LG really have a different approach. Let’s count the premium design with different colors leather or ceramic back. Then the powerful 808 processor and new IPS Quantum display with amazing colors. Also I did not mention the camera which has a lot of settings to choose from, this are good new for the guys who like to take very good photos. LG says that LG G4 camera can replace you DSLR Camera. All this are worth it, at least the charge time will last only about 2 hours, which is pretty fast, not as my other smartphones which take about 5 hours to charge.


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