Live Apple Photos

Apple has been and still is a world leader in technology innovation. Recently, it introduced the ingenious Live Photos which is featured in iOS 9 iPhone. This feature allows users to basically shoot short videos which when you view them appear as though they are photos. This feature is meant to be enjoyed by iPhone users only.

However, there are tricky clever ways that have come up that enables you to share such incredible MOV photos with everyone.

Posting Pictures on Social Media

We cherish those old photos that we took many years ago. Now, we have the opportunity to enjoy short movies. Since millions of people are using social media network where sharing of information takes place, you as the owner of an iOS 9 iPhone can enhance your experience as well as those of others easily. All you need to do is convert your otherwise very unique Live photos into GIFs and share them over Instagram or Facebook or any other social network platform.

Sharing Live Photos

Live photos are essentially those photos that appear still but upon taping them, they play for a few seconds. Many people have come to understand them as GIFs. For an iPhone user to share with a Mac owner, all they need to do is convert the Live Photo into a GIF. The conversion process involves plugging in the phone into the Mac and then opening the MOV image capture app and.

When it comes to Windows computer, all you need to do is navigate your plugged in iPhone via the File Explorer if you are using Windows 10. You should go to DCMI on your iPhone storage via your Windows computer. To locate the MOV folders easily, you should type in the find field ‘mov’. After identifying the Live Photo, you can then convert it into a GIF using any of your preferred website.

You can easily share the Live Photos as GIFs on Instagram and Google+. However, it will be difficult to do so with Facebook even though you can use apps such as Giphys to upload your animated photos. With time, it’s pretty obvious that GIFs and sharing of Live photos will be extremely easy.

Live Apple Photos 2

Photos are the best way to keep memories alive. However sharing them with friends makes them even more interesting. Using your Apple device its now easier to share photos. Just choose how you want to it and in a few minutes your friends will be able to see it.

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