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Even though there are four standard MacBook models, there is no much difference between them. The only three differences are that they have different screen sizes, different amount of storage and different battery life. Otherwise, if you have used one of them, it is easy to understand the other models.

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Sleek in size and few ports

All the MacBook Air models are thin and don’t have many ports. For instance, there is no Ethernet port because it’s purely made for the wireless world and therefore it offers its users a built-in 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. However, if you still want to connect it to a wired network maybe at your work place or during the holiday, all you need to do is to purchase an adaptor and plug it into a wired network.

No optic drive

Since there is less use for CD and DVD Drive these days, the MacBook Air doesn’t have an optic drive. However, if you still insist that you need one, you can always buy a USB Super Drive, which only costs £65.

MacBook Air features two USB 3 ports and even if you want to connect the accessories such as monitors or external storage, you can simply do so through the Thunderbolt 2 port, which is a high-speed connector. Comparing the new model and that of 2014, MacBook Air of the 2014 had its Thunderbolt 1 port slower as compared to the new model’s Thunderbolt 2 port. Even though the 2014 MackBook Air had its Thunderbolt 1 port slower, it’s still quicker than USB 3. To be precise, there is 20Gps for Thunderbolt 2 but 10Gps for Thunderbolt 1and you can see the difference if you compare further with 5Gps for USB 2. If you buy an adopter, you can plug in Fire Wire 800 hardware into Thunderbolt 1.

Whether new or old model, all MackBook Air feature Mini Display Port, two USB 3 ports, Thunderbolt 2 port and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 4.0. For the MacBook Air, which is 13-inch, there is an additional SDXD slot.


In addition, all the MacBook Air models feature dual microphones, stereo speakers and headphone ports. Last but not least, they all feature a Multi-Touch trackpad as well as a full size backlit keyboard that has an ambient light sensor.

The MackBook models are classy and of high quality. They are the gadget to be spotted with if you are a tech lover!

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