League of Stickman 1

League of Stickman Free is an action game in which your goal is to fight a multitude of enemies in exciting fights by the guarantee of survival. Prove that you are the most powerful Warrior and destroy their opponents mercilessly.

League-of-StickmanThe game puts you in fighting from start to finish: just follow a quick tutorial that teaches you how to handle the controls so that your opponents start to jump on the screen challenging your skills and aiming to annihilate it.

Explosion of Fighting

League-of-Stickman_screenYou must face them in frenzied fighting and no truce. For this, use all the skills that you have to be able to beat them before your life is over and you get along the way. It’s an insane pace and a lot of fun.

The game offers various special powers from the beginning, allowing you to finish your opponents with a variety of different powers. However, this facility reduces the importance of each of the abilities, since they are distributed so abundant.

You can also use the good old stroke of sword to destroy their opponents, but with so many powers lying around, this resource will be the least used and valued, and only when his powers are cyst within the waiting time.

Simple to Play and With Good Graphics

League-of-Stickman-android_17The game controls are very simple and easy to use. It concentrates all the trouble in the frantic gambling that unfolds in front of you. That way, anyone can have fun for hours on exciting fights.

The graphics of the game are quite dark and gloomy, and it may hide the true appearance of the title. Still, it’s a well done and with animations that promise to bring tons of fun for the title. It pays to be experienced. The game runs on Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac OS via BlueStacks App Player.

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