Kiddle - search engine

Today there are a lot of negative things when your kids use search engines. Even using is not safe at all for your kids. As a simple search of “hot girls” can have bad consequences on your kids.

Now to make it safe, there is a new search engine that it is only for kids, it is called Kiddle and it’s a custom Google search engine to help kids to find information they need without getting to explicit sites. Kiddle doesn’t have anything in common with Google. Google does not participate in this. Kiddle is a Google custom page created by some developers that wanted a safe search engine for kids.

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Kiddle’s About page explains: SafeSearch is applied to all searches, blocking a large amount of explicit material. However, it goes further by ordering its search results based on how friendly they are for kids. The first 1-3 results are pages written specifically for children, reviewed by Kiddle editors.

So the results are from safe sites, which are safe for use for kids. Also Kiddle show big thumbnails for each search results which will show and help kids to figure what the page is about, as many of them still cannot read well.

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Kiddle also protects privacy since the logs are deleted every 24 hours. So if your kid tries to search for blocked words like: “naked” or “death”, Kiddle will ask him or her to try again due to bad word.


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