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Nothing feels exciting like a new phone. The Smartphone world makes it even better ebacuse it opens a new place where you can find and much more using apps. As new user, you mst be wondering to get and install apps in your phone. It is not very difficult process. Read on to learn the simple steps to follow.

Android apps are found in Play Store. This is where Google sells applications, movies, games and books. Most likely you have a Google account installed in your phone and it is associated with the Play store. The best thing is that you can always buy an app if you delete it from your phone. To purchase an app, you have to use a credit card or give some payment information that is acceptable. However, there are many free apps in Play Store. As a beginner, try to stick to Play store and avoid exploring other sources including Humble Bundle and Amazon Appstore.

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To open the Play Store, you simply tap Apps Icon, which at the bottom of your screen on the right side. Swipe it right and left to find Play Store icon and tap it. It may ask you to enter your Google details and details about your payment method. This also includes apps back up once you accept the Google terms and conditions. When you get in the Google Play, you browse and find the apps you want.

Enjoy Discovering Android Apps

Android Apps - Google Play StoreThe best way to know and discover he apps is to navigate on the different categories in the Play Store. Swipe from the bottom upwards using your finger and you will see many features categories. To see the whole list, tap on the button called See More. There are also three dots usually next to every app and once you tap on them, the app downloads.

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To see more move from front page and swipe on both left and right to get rid of the filters usually at the top. They include top free, top paid, top new top trending and top new free downloads. There are also categories such as Business, Communication and Games and you can check them too. After you download the app you want, swipe upwards and scroll moving from the section of review and you will find more apps made by the developer that you have chosen.

There you have it, you can keep looking for all the apps you want. It is as simple as that.

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