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Today we can write posts for our WordPress site and as soon as we Publish them. They can be automatically shared to your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. To be able to share them automatically with Google+ you would have to buy Google+ for business. But from now on you can do it free with Jetpack Publicize module.

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Things changed, now you can use the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. This plugin has integrated very many cool modules. It can improve your WordPress site much more.

Jetpack Publicize Module

Jetpack has a new module called “Publicize”. This module can automatically share your blog posts with different social networks. It also can share your blog posts with your Google+ Profile.

The Problem

Many users that activated Jetpack Publicize Module started to complain that their post which are shared on Google+ are not seen by other except them. So when you are logged in your Google+ profile you can see all your post, when you are logged as another user, you cannot see Google+ posts that are shared automatically by Jetpack Publicize module.

We had the same problem, as you can see in the screenshot bellow in red circle, our posts on Google+ were shared only for us “Shared only with you”.

Google+ All in One SEO PackHere you can see a post that was manually shared, and it was “Shared publicity”, so anyone could see it.

Google+ How MuchChange Who Can See Posts Published on Google+ by Jetpack Publicize

To fix future posts published on Google+ by by Jetpack Publicize module from “Shared Only With You” status to “Shared publicity” you will have to follow this small guide:

1. Login to your Google+ page, then go Settings, here in the same settings tab, scroll down to Manage other apps & activity.

2. Click on Manage apps & +1’s on posts button under Manage other apps & activity. See the screenshot bellow.Jetpack Publicize - Manage App3. On the following page, click on Apps tab. See the screenshot.

OnlyJetpack Publicize - App Tab4. On the Manage apps window, you will see WordPress app which is Visible toOnly You“. Click edit to change visibility. See the screenshot bellow.

Only Jetpack Publicize - App Tab WordPress5. Now you will see a windows box where you will have to change visibility from “Only You” to “Public“. Then click Save to save the settings. See the screenshot bellow.

Jetpack Publicize - App Tab WordPress PublicNow your WordPress posts shared on Google+ by Jetpack Publicize module will appear with status “Shared publicity”, and anyone will be able to see them. Just make sure that Jetpack Publicize is connected with your Google+ page and you can test it. To improve your website SEO you can also try All In One SEO Pack Plugin.

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