computer laptop overheating

Did you know that your computer can easily be damaged due to overheating? Failure to take any corrective measures might see you dealing with the serious consequences that are brought about by overheated processors.

Computer overheating 1

Here are some of the remedies to this problem:

Clean, Repair or Replace the Fans

Every computer has a fan or two installed in it. In the event that it begins heating up, these are the first components you need to check. There is a probability that they are blocked or even broken. You should therefore take necessary steps to restore them back to their normal state.

There is also a possibility that the fans you are currently using are not the best for your computer. If this is the case, then you might have to replace them with case fans. It is advisable that you use at least two fans since one needs to blow in clean air as the other one expels foul, hot air from the CPU.

Clean the Computer

If dust and dirt are not frequently cleared off the computer, they are likely to block certain components that will cause it to start heating up. It is therefore recommended that you clean the computer as often as you can. Make sure that the computer is turned off and plugged from the power source before you begin cleaning. You might also want to clean other hardware such as the mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Operate it in the Right Environment

Computer overheating can be because of the environment within which you use your computer. It is very important that you are not using it in dusty or slightly air tight environments will most definitely cause it to start heating up. Use it in a cleaner, well ventilated environment to prevent such headache.

Unplug the Hardware

If you are not using removable hardware like printers, you can unplug them since they are likely to slow down your computer.

Computer overheating 2

Close the CPU Case

It is very true that more air will be allowed into your CPU if you remove the case. This might however work against you since it also allows dust and dirt to freely enter into the CPU, block several components and cause overheating. It is therefore advisable that you cover it. If you will block the dust, you will not have this so called problem: computer overheating.

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