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Charging your phone using a wireless gadget should definitely be something to try out. Besides sounding convenient it also seems to be a fun gadget to go for every phone owner. But, first you need to understand how a wireless charger works. You will have to place your phone on a charging mat and after some time your phone will be fully charged. The charging mat is connected to a USB port or just plugged in to a power socket. There are however, some reasons why you should think twice before jumping on to the bandwagon of wireless charger buyers.

It Costs More Than The Regular Charger

With the advantage of the wireless charger such as not having wires strewn all over the place or having lesser luggage when travelling, no company seems to be selling them alongside a phone. You have to buy the charging mat differently and this means an extra cost.

Takes Longer to Charge Your Phone

Wireless Charging - Samsung Galaxy S6

If you have observed the time it takes to charge your Smartphone, you will agree that it is anything between 1 and 1.5 hours. By this time, the phone is usually fully charged. However, when it comes to the wireless charger, it will take you up to 3 hours to have your phone fully charged. This simply means that if you are looking for a fast way to charge your phone which is often the case, then the wireless way is not viable.

The Mat Gets Hot

When charging your phone using the wireless way, you will find that the charging mat heats up. This is because it is the one receiving the current and then transmitting the same to your phone. With the heating of the mat, you will need to know that your battery gets damaged. Even though the damage done on your phone battery is minute, it goes on becoming significant with time and eventually you will find that you are forced to buy a new battery or even another phone. Besides the peril of the heating mat, you will find that there is a constant loss of power which would not otherwise have been lost had you opted to use the wire charging system.

You may have to consider these reasons before you buy that wireless charger. Make your choice wisely for the benefit of your Smartphone.

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