You have to pay attention when buying an old Apple product from a second-hand. A second-hand Apple product like an iPhone can be blocked in iCloud and it is almost useless.

Many people which are buying phones from second hands have risks to get an iPhone which is blocked in cloud. We will explain to you why these phones are getting blocked and which is the only way to unblock them.

Starting from iOS7 and following version, you have the app “Find My iPhone” which includes a setting to Activate Blocking. This option is automatically applied when the automatic configuration of “Find My iPhone” was set.

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How an iPhone gets Blocked in Cloud?

find my iphone

As you read, from the configuration of “Find My iPhone” app, the Block is activated. Blocking the iPhone in cloud makes impossible to use and sell the device in case if it was stolen.

The Apple ID and password are necessary to deactivate “Find My iPhone” app, to disconnect the device from iCloud, delete the data and to reactivate the device.

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What can you do with an iPhone blocked in iCloud?

If you bought a second-hand iPhone from a non trusted source and you got an iPhone blocked in iCloud. Do not trust any software from the internet which promises to unlock your phone.

There is a single method to unblock the iPhone and this single method takes too much to be applied. The only method is to change your iPhone motherboard, because the blocked iPhone depends on the motherboard. But even if you buy a chea motherboard you still have the change to buy a blocked one on the iCloud already.

Here you say goodbye to your money spend on the motherboard and on service.

So, What to do when you are buying a Second-Hand iPhone?

If you want to buy a second-hand iDevice you should make sure that the device will not remai blocked in the iCloud. Here you need the help of the current owner who is selling you the iPhone.

Make sure that the owner knows the password and has deleted the content and the phone settings from: Configurations > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Data. See Apple page support. When all the data will be deleted, you will go to Find My iPhone and you will see that everything is deactivated, here you will need the Apple ID and password from the owner. Hope this will help you from getting into a very uncomfortable situation.

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