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We are in a buzz where everyone wants to be in the game if far ahead of it. Apple has for a long time now mastered the art of new technology and has been the name to associate with for those looking for classy gadgets. It is a company that every other year comes up with a new technology that thrills its fans and pulls some discerning critics at the same time. The iPhone 6S is no different. It was launched in 2015 and many will argue on whether it deserves to receive much acclaim as it has already.

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6S to some people is just a phone which has been renamed after its predecessor the iPhone 6. Others will argue that it is a phone that every tech savvy enthusiast should go for as it will make your modern life so much easier and enjoyable. To get a better perspective let’s look at its features and see how good this Smartphone is.


The phone comes with a nano-SIM and its screen is 5.5 inches which is appealing for most people. Its camera has a 401 ppi pixel density and its base operating system is iOS 9. The CPU is dual-core while it can come with an internal memory of 16, 64 or 128 GB. The Ram is 2 GB while its front camera can take 240 focal points per second (fps).

The one thing that sets this phone apart from the competition is its design. While it’s almost identical to the iPhone 6, it comes with some very subtle features such as a thicker frame. Its metallic chassis feels solid and comfortable to the hand which is a great improvement over iPhone 5S. As Apple says, this phone is 7,000 series aluminum which makes it the strongest iPhone to date.

iPhone 6s 2

The verdict on this phone is that given its launching price, it is way too high even when compared to other Smartphone giants such as Galaxy 6 which are cheaper. The camera resolution could be better. A 401ppi on the camera is low compared to 500ppi that is being offered by the competitor. Still, Apple has pulled yet another one of the best technology advancement in this phone which every Smartphone keen buyer should consider.

However, iPhone 6S is one of the best Smartphone in the market. Most buyers cannot tell its shortcomings and it remains a popular and highly regarded device.

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