ios 8

iOS 8.1.3 will be released this week. This was confirmed by Apple when the beta version was released for Apple Store co-workers. Team “iPhone Hacks” says that the release will be on this week, the update will have many bug fixes and will block tools like: TaiG and PP Jailbreak.

If you want to keel your Jailbreak you should get now iOS 8.1.2 and remain with this version till developers will make the Jailbreak to work for iOS 8.1.3. More information on how to jailbreak the iPhone you can find in this article. Also you should know that Apple is already working on iOS 8.2 version. The new update should be released in March and it will have integration with Apple Watch, for which will be released a separate application.

What should we expect from iOS 8.2

From iOS 8.2 we should expect more optimizations, a better applications search in App Store and new bug fixes.


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