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Apps for Taxi drivers or for regular drivers that could make some money are becoming very popular today.The app under the name Uber has is on the top of the list, it is so well organized and used that around the world taxi drivers started to protest against Uber. Taxi drivers loose clients and money, people are using Uber because it’s cheaper compared to taxi and it’s faster to find a driver comparing with a taxi.

Now after beginning of the protests, authorities in China, South Korea, India, South Africa, Spain, France and more countries took actions against the Uber startup. They arrested Uber managers and other important persons.

What is Uber

First Uber consists of about 3 apps that can be downloaded from the smartphone online markets. The Uber smartphone app to search a driver, allows users to search a driver by indicating online where are they and where they wan to get to.

The app has a map where it shows the drivers on it with and how long it will take to get to passenger, drivers and passenger are connected through GPS and Internet.

The app allows users to pay by card and share cost with other riders. Also both drivers and passenger can rate each other.

  • Uber was founded in 2009 and in six years has got a $41 billion valuation. On of the worlds fastest growing company in the history.
  • At first it was only a map on smartphone which connected the driver and passenger through GPS location.

Mercedes S-Class

  • Uber is used about 150,000 drivers worldwide, in several categories. In Norway for example is divided into two categories; luxury cars (Uber Black) and private driver-permit (Uber Pop). Uber Black are the drivers that has a limousine edition like a Mercedes S-class, and the costs are the same or less than the taxi to ride. The cost of a ride on an UberPop costs about half of a normal taxi ride. At night or on the weekend Uber prices are cheaper compared to a taxi. Uber driver gets about 80% from the income.
  • To be a Uber driver, you must contact the police and to prove that you don’t have criminal report and that you have a clean background, also you must have a newer four door car, and pass an interview.
  • Both passengers and drivers are rated after each trip from scale 1 to 5. If a driver gets less that 4.2 he is called for a meeting with Uber management.
  • Passengers who are rated 3 or lower, have the risk not getting a car as drivers can see only the address and rating of the person requesting the ride.

Controversial about Uber

  • It costs less that a taxi and taxi drivers started to protest against it, and authorities already are taking actions.
  • Uber management has been accused of stealing passengers, as the passengers are often checking their smartphones than looking for a taxi on the street.

Uber Protests Unfair

  • Uber drivers are not taking a Knowledge test like in many countries. That has led to criticism and unfair competition
  • Till now, Uber has got many problems on its back, plus the authorities.

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