Netflix and Chill, is considered to take over the TV. Now people just gather to watch show series and more on Netflix. It’s popularity is increasing day by day. Also a Netflix subscription is much cheaper than an average cable TV bill. Netflix allows its users to watch their favorite show at any time.

No need to flip channels, you just have to go into a Netflix-binge and watch an entire season of hottest series. Watch an entire season at once, and remember that someday Netflix might be the future of television.

But still Netflix is not available in many countries, user where Netflix is not available receive following message:

Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet

Netflix is Not Available in Your Country Yet 1

Netflix is still not available in many countries because of licensing. Netflix contents should be different depending on the country you are in. Because of laws Netflix is not available on in most of the non-US and non-UK parts of the world.

This is not a good thing for users who are in vacation and want to continue watching Netflix, or for users who heard a lot about Netflix and want to try it.

Fortunately, we will show you some easy ways to bypass the restrictions.

Important! This could be considered as infringing Netflix’s Term of Use and could potentially get you banned. Do it at your own risk!

How to Watch Netflix from Another Country

Here is a simple and free solution to watch Netflix from a country where Netflix is still not available. What you have to do is to use a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. If you have installed one of these browser you can install an extension like Hola or ProxMate.

Netflix is Not Available in Your Country Yet 2

Using one of this extension will allow you to virtually change your country. So when Netflix will check the country you are in, the browser will tell to Netflix that you are in USA for example.

How to Watch Netflix from Another Country using VPN

The above free service that can cheat Netflix cannot be stable, and it is possible that Netflix will catch you and ban your account. To get over this and be clean it would be a good idea to invest on a paid VPN. You will get a VPN Service from USA and you will be able to securely connect to it. More that this, even connecting from a public Wi-Fi through your VPN service will add more security and you will be able to enjoy movie series and shows at a higher speed.

VPN today is a easy thing to work with. Once it is downloaded and installed, you will have to connect to it through a simple click. Go on, use the today technologies to get the best!

Happy Netflix marathon! Or you can just watch TV on your Android!

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