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Crossing over to the much talked about world of Linux through their most popular and successful distro has not always been an easy ride. Many (but not limited to) windows users usually experience the culture shock once they trade their familiar environment with Ubuntu. Unique on its own and different in doing things when compared to Windows, of course there has to be some confusion at first. So how can you ensure that you are able to settle down quickly and learn how to use Ubuntu in the shortest time? Well, first learn something about the operating system and know some helpful tools by reading and implementing this guide.

  • Changing Your Wallpaper

Perhaps this is the simplest of all, but it would still pay off to start somewhere, and this can be just that.  Despite having some beautiful wallpapers characterized by Ubuntu’s purple, wouldn’t it be better to know how to add your own? All you have to do is right click desktop and select “change desktop background” to select a different wallpaper or upload your own.

  • Switching the Style of Your Window


Another simple yet important thing to know would be knowing how to change the look of your desktop window. Go to “Appearance preferences” then click “theme”. From the list, select a style and see how it looks. If you like it, you can click “customize” to combine other elements from the themes in the list.

  • Installing Drivers

As a new Ubuntu user, your hands are practically tied if you don’t know how to install any hardware drivers. Don’t worry though, as this is quite simple. Just go to system/administration/hardware drivers and a list of options appears. Select the latest drivers and install them. Restart your PC after every installation for the changes to take effect.

  • Setting Up Desktop Effects

To get a more appealing desktop in terms of looks, switch on visual effects by going to system/preferences/appearance/visual effects.  Here you can install the compiz settings application, which grants you access to many tweaks you can use to improve the look of your desktop.

  • Messing with the Panels

With a crossover layout between the OS X and Windows, Ubuntu does not limit you to this layout alone. You can right click on an empty spot in its panels and select “properties”. Here you can add or remove any elements or icons very easily.

Even learning the above activities that you can do as you learn how to use Ubuntu, you still have some catching up to do but don’t worry because as for the basics, you can now use Ubuntu without any problems at all.

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