“So yeah, we tried slack…” that’s how the website welcomes new and old users to use this cool service.

The best way to use slack is by accessing the website. When you get to the browser, type and you will have access to the website.

You can create your account as any other website entails and you sign in. Enter you team domain which will have a suffice then click continue. The team domain means that, it’s the site which is accessible by all the members who are enlisted to be in the communication, it can be your office team.

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You should get your login from somebody internally. You will then have access to your account. This is the area where you can change your password, your username and other general and privacy settings.

As an option, you can download the app, but you can also use the service in your web browser. Once you download the app, the interface will appear like a chat box which is significantly less intrusive but I know you will enjoy it.

Since we in the app age, let’s navigate SLACK via the app. This is the application that you can use to communicate with the office as a messaging platform but it’s also a dumping ground for things that are interesting, from feature articles, blogs, third party content from the latest music videos to an article from a magazine and you can filter the different contents to streams by creating different channels. You can create a channel that you would like and add it.

So incase someone posts an article in any of the different types of posts, the channel name becomes bold and white as a way of highlighting. That’s how you share the links by copying and pasting the links on the channels.

There is a section for direct messages to people you would like to personally contact. Incase you would like to send a message to everyone the steps are sign in, you post in General or Random thread by typing @channel and everyone will get an alert that is for any urgent message. You can also use a private group.

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