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Sometimes you have to share your computer with someone else and it can be frustrating to sign out from your Google account that you signed in Google Chrome. Over way the other person that will use your computer can access your data.

So the question is, are we able to share our Google Chrome with someone else? Is it possible to use multiple profiles in Google Chrome at the same time?

We will answer you this question and will explain a lot more. So usually some of your online accounts are tied to your personal Gmail address, while someone else could have accounts tied to business Gmail address. So for example to log in to an account that is using Gmail business address we will have to logout from the Gmail address.

Same thing when you share your computer with someone else, she or he will have to sign out from your account and log in to his account to be able to access his or her accounts.

Is it possible to use multiple profiles in Google Chrome at the same time?

Fortunately Google Chrome does support multiple profiles, you can read more about this on Google Help Page: Share Chrome with other people.

In Google Chrome, every profile owns its separate instance of Google Chrome. Each profile will have separately saved its tabs, sessions and history. This is a cool feature as you have just to sign out and not to clean your history for example. Everything will be already hidden from other Google Chrome users.

To use multiple profiles in Google Chrome, you will see a profile button in the top right corner in your browse that when clicking on it will allow you to switch the profiles. See the screenshot:

Google Chrome Multiple Profiles

So after you sign in with one profile, than another. You will be able to click on the button from the right and choose another profile. After you choose another profile, you will be asked to write down the profile password. So, don’t worry no one will be able to login to your profile without a password.

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