windows 10 multiple desktops

Since Windows 10 was released (for developers at least) we can thank we got the Start menu back and the new feature, multiple desktops. Maybe at home you have multi-monitors setup, but what about at work? Multiple desktops comes in time to solve this.

To use this feature on the taskbar we got a new icon, the Task View button. It’s located to the right of the Search button. To add a new desktop press the Task View button, then in the window that appears press the + sign button. That’s all.


Now to switch between desktops, press again the Task View button and move your mouse over the thumbnail of the one you want and click on it or click again on the Task View button. Also there is a key combination, press Ctrl+Win and tap the left or right key.

Also, it’s possible to move running apps between desktops. In the desktop switcher screen, right-click the window and select Move To then choose the desktop you want.

windows_10_multiple_desktops technozed.com1

To close a desktop, hover your mouse over its thumbnail and click on the X that appears.

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