How to Use I2P 1

If you have read our article where we recommend some tools to surf anonymously, you have seen that we placed the I2P on the 1st place. For users who tried to use I2P probably when heading to their official website, it was a shock. The website doesn’t really explain how to use I2P network.

In this article we created a brief guide for noobs on how to start using correctly the I2P network on Windows.

I2P has very many configurations. We will try to give you the most important basics howto use it.

1. Install Java

I2P is written in Java programming language. Before starting you must download the latest version of Java and install it. If not, I2P will not be able to run.

2. Download and Run I2P

Download I2P from official website, the open the .exe downloaded file and install it. Note that through the process you can be asked to install Net Framework 3.0.

3. Running I2P

How to Use I2P 1

When you will launch I2P, a browser window will open on the I2P Router Console page. There you will have some messages that will tell you either to wait a few minutes while the software finds peers and connects, either that you have been successfully connected to I2P network. Once done, the Router Console will show you that you are fully connected.

6. Configure Browser

Now that I2P network is connected, you have to configure your Browser to connect through I2P. Just open the browser you prefer to use and you have to go in the settings to change the proxy settings.

For Chrome: Settings > Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings…

For Internet: Explorer: Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings

For Firefox: Options > Advanced tab > Network tab > Connection settings

How to Use I2P Firefox Proxy Settings

There you will have to set manually the proxy configuration. You will add following values: For HTTP Proxy:, For Port: 4444. It is also a good idea to add ‘localhost, to the ‘No Proxy for’ box. Click OK to save.

Remember to remove these proxy settings when you will not use I2P, if you want your internet connection to work.

7. Connect to an eepSite

Now you are able to connect to I2P websites also known as eepSites with .i2p suffix. Enter the address of any eepSite, here you can find a good list of eepSites.

How to Use I2P 2

It is possible that your router will still not have the Address book of eepSites. So you will need the help of a ‘jump’ service. All you need is to click on one of the jump service links. If one link doesn’t work, you can try another.

Also you can click on ‘Save [website] to router address book and continue to eepSite’. Now eepSite should load.

8. Explore I2P Network

If you are able to connect to an eepSite, you are ready to explore the I2P network. You can start with some search engines like eye.i2p and

If you are not sure that you are surfing the web anonymously you can easy check the IPligence website which shows your IP as as a I2P HHTP Outproxy address.

Other tools to surf anonymously: Tor Browser, Disconnect.Me.

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