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It’s unfortunate that your lovely Mac is getting old and it doesn’t guarantee you cool experience anymore. It loses the magic it had when you first bought it. But what doesn’t age? Everything does including you. However, you can still turn it into something that feels like new and fresh from the Apple Store.  Here is how to do it and continue using your Mac.

What You Can Upgrade

In case you have MacBook, iMac or Mack Mini, you’re lucky because you can easily upgrade them including those that use Intel CPU which may have been manufactured in 2007 or even earlier than that.

The upgrade and hacks that I will show you involves the replacement of some hardware plus software and you’ll be able to access all the features that are only provided by the latest models.

Fix new RAM to your old Mac

macbook pro

It’s obvious that as Mac gets older, its RAM gets cheaper and therefore, its most likely that the RAM you require won’t cost you much. All you need is a screwdriver because you need to open a component on the bottom. If you’re dealing with a MacBook that has an easily removable battery, you’ll be forced to get rid of the metal that surrounds the battery slot. You may not need a screwdriver if you have a Mac mini because for some of them, you can just pop off the bottom panel.

You will then have to upgrade the memory. Simply click Apple > About this Mac, and click the Memory tab and lastly, Memory Upgrade Instructions link.

Before upgrading to the maximum amount of memory, you’ll have to do away with the existing memory modules. Remove the memory modules and abandon it first. The next thing to do now is download Mac’s memory scanner and run. For you to run it, right-click and then select open. The dialogue box will appear and then click the Open button in it. Your old Mac will require the DDR speed and the PC figure such as PC3-8500. It’s important to note that most Macs will take SO-DIMMs – a small outline memory module.

In case your Mac does not max-out, then you’re at liberty to fix the amount of RAM that you can afford be it 4GB, 8GB, or even 16GB. In case your old Mac maxes-out at 8GB, it’s advisable that you fix two 4GB modules.

There you are your Mac is now as good as new one. Just kidding, but it will definitely work better.

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