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To control your phone completely you need to unlock bootloader first. This will give you possibility to install a custom operating system, to root, to flash recovery or do whatever you want with your device.

Unlocking bootloader will void your warranty and if you mess up with your phone beyond its extent, then you could pay extra charges for that. We have tested this GUIDE and it really works, so if anything happens to your phone it’s only because of you.

1. Register on HTCdev
To unlock bootloader on HTC phones you should get a specific code which works only on your device. Register

2. Select your model

After you logged in, go to the HTC – Unlock Bootloader open the list in the right and select “All Other Supported Models“, find it at the end of the list, then click on Begin Unlock Bootloader.

unlock bootloader htc desire

After this a popup should appear, you will have to accept the terms and agreement, that HTC is not responsible if anything happens to your phone. If you agree click Yes, in the next screen check the two boxes and click the button at the end of the popup “Proceed to Unlock Instructions“.

Now you will get to the steps of Unlocking the Bootloader, ignore we’ll get to them later.

3. Boot in Bootloader mode
vlcsnap-2013-03-13-11h21m39s177[1]Remove and reinsert the battery (if the battery on your device is not removable, long press the power key then select restart, now hold down the volume key while restarting to boot in Bootloader mode), press Volume Down and Power to start the device into Bootloader mode.

4. Get to the Fastboot menu
Using the Volume keys to select up or down, highlight Fastboot and press the Power button to confirm.

5. Plugin the device
Now connect your device to the computer via a USB cable.

6. Download unlock files
To unlock the device we need some files, Download New Download Linkand extract the .zip file in to a folder (ex: C:/unlock/)

7. Open Command Window
Open the folder where you just extracted the contents of unlock_tools.zip (my case C:/unlock/), press and hold SHIFT on your keyboard, Right-Click on mouse and select “Open Command Window Here

8. Get the identifier token
In the command window type the following code and press Enter:

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

You should get a long message, something like this:
<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>

<<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>

But if you got:
< waiting for device >
this means your device wasn’t recognized by the computer, check this tutorial to solve the error.

9. Copy the token
To copy from the Command window, make a right-click on it and select Mark, a blinking cursor should appear in the top-left corner, using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it, and the SHIFT key to select, select the code and press the CTRL+C keys to copy.

Start with the line:  <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>
And end with this line: <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>

select token command windows bootloader

10. Move to HTCdev
Get to the HTCdev page we opened on the 2 step, scroll to the END of the page and click the Proceed to Step 5 button. Now again, scroll to the end of the page and paste your code in the last Box and click Submit.

token identifier

11. Check your MailBox
You should receive an email in which you’ll find an attachment: Unlock_code.bin, save this file in the same folder in which we extracted the first .zip file (my case: C:/unlock/).

In the command window type the following code:
fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Now look at your device screen, if all went fine you should get questioned If you really want to unlock bootloader. Using Volume keys, select Yes and the press Power key to confirm.


Congratulations. Bootloader is unlocked now.

To lock bootloader – Read this tutorial

To flash CWM Recovery – Read this tutorial


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