htc desire 816

To perform any modifications in your Android system, you have to Root HTC Desire 610, if you don’t do it it is not possible if your phone is not rooted. Rooting will allow you to use the phone at full potential and even improve its performance. Rooting can be dangerous if not doing it right, but there are a very few chances to brick your phone. Rooting can be performed by any noob, just read everything and do not skip any step.

What will be your prize if you root you HTC Desire 610? The main point is that you will unlock your phone and gain root access to your device. You will not have any more default factory settings and restrictions, you can change any settings and built in apps also you can add your new features.

Android-RootingAfter rooting you Desire 610 you will be able to install a custom ROM like Cynanogen Mod, AOKP or ParanoidAndroid and overclock your CPU. All these operations will improve your device performance.

Before heading to the root process you should prepare your HTC Desire 610, as in the process of rooting sometimes you can loose your contacts and other data. Make sure to backup all your files and your contacts. On Google Play Store you can find backup apps to save all your contacts, call logs, text messages, images and video files. Also make sure that you have all driver installed, it is better to install HTC Sync Manager.

1. Enable USB Debugging

First thing to do, is to Enable the USB debugging.

  • On your Desire 610 go to Settings > About > Software information > Build number
  • Click several time on Build number until it says that “You are now a developer
  • Then go to Settings > Developer options and enable USB Debugging

2. Unlock the Bootloader

Second thing that you have to do is to unlock the bootloader.

  • Register and login on the following link:
  • Select Unlock Bootloader.
  • Click Get Started.
  • On “Select Your Device” Select “All Other Supported Models”.
  • Begin Unlock Bootloader.
  • Accept Legal Terms and Proceed to Unlock Instructions.
  • Turn off your phone, then press Volume Down + press Power to boot in “HTC download mode”.
  • Connect Phone via USB.
  • Open CMD from start menu and type: fastboot oem get_identifier_token.
  • Copy and paste the token you got on the htcdev website. Textfield “My Device Identifier Token:”.
  • You will receive an Email with “Unlock_code.bin , Download it.
  • With CMD use CD command to navigate to folder where Unlock_code.bin is saved. For example: cd c:\download
  • Then use command: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin.
  • Press Volume Button to select Yes for Unlock bootloader.

3. Install Desire 610 Root Tool

  • Download and the following exe file on your Windows machine: Download Here.
  • Make sure the phone is plugged in.
  • Run the exe file.
  • Install SuperSU and Root.
  • Install jmz’s system-unlocked kernel to make root work.

Note, that if it doesn’t work right the first time, run it a second time!

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