Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. For this reason, it can be explained why most students would want to unblock access to this site at their schools. School administrators block Facebook to make students concentrate on their studies and not waste a lot of time using the site. However, the restrictions run up to the brakes; a time where many students would find it convenient if they could have access to the site. There are other reasons why Facebook is restricted. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Facebook can be blocked at a regional, state and company level.

Methods to Unlock Facebook

Facebook IP Address

Unblock Facebook CMD

This method should be tried before trying any other methods. It is very easy, and if it works it will save you the trouble all other methods will have you go through. You need the IP address of the Facebook to access it. Once you have the IP address of Facebook you only need to type in your browser, and you will access the site. There are websites that will give the IP address of Facebook. However, an easier method to gets it IP address is to ping Facebook via the command prompt and the site’s IP address will be provided. This method will only work if it is the name of the site that has been blocked rather than the IP address. It is possible for schools to block the name alone, but at a national level this is not possible


VPN are not always free. However, many VPN providers will give you a free trial version to have a taste of their services before making the purchase. VPN connections will access Facebook at any place and in any country. VPN method is secure compared to all other methods. On a VPN connection, one will anonymously surf the internet due to the heavy encryption these services provide. In school, you do not have to subscribe to a paid VPN to access Facebook. You can search for the free VPN providers. However, the free periods could be limited.


Unblocking Facebook is not impossible. It is unfair and an infringement of freedom of expression to have Facebook blocked. However, you do not have to sit down and watch this happen. Stand out of the crowd and use one of the methods discussed to access Facebook. This is one of the most interesting engaging social media platforms.

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