current-lumia-phones-will-not-get-upgraded-to-windows-phone-8-491ed1a901[1]__1411819327_89.28.59.217[1]In Windows Phone’s old version there’s no way to easy take screenshots. However, there are apps which allow you to do this. But wouldn’t need them in the Windows Phone 8 version, as Microsoft added the screenshot function.

1. Take a screenshot on Windows Phone 8.1
Just press the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously.

2. Take a screenshot on Windows Phone 8
Simply press the Power and the Windows button simultaneously.

Screenshots are saved automatically in the Picture Gallery.

3. Take a screenshot on Windows Phone 7.5 / 7.8 or below
Unfortunately the old versions of Windows Phone don’t have a built in combination to take a screenshot, so when Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7.8 update, something that will bring us some features which are on Windows Phone 8, we thought there will be the screenshot feature. However, there is no such feature, so now Microsoft announced a new coming version 7.9 hope to find there this feature, or don’t hope and buy a new phone with the Windows Phone 8 version.

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