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Pop up windows can be annoying for any internet user. They crop up and interfere with your browsing experience. Sometimes, they end up slowing the site or stopping it at once. The pop up windows, stem from malicious software and zealous advertisers.  Some of the PCs can be configured to block the windows automatically especially, if they are deemed to cause harm. Others block any popup windows. Some pop-up windows are important to the user, in particular if they act as reminders. It is one of their benefits.

Is there a way, you can allow popup windows from approved sites?

Of course, there is.  Most browser programs can allow you to make some exceptions. This may include financial and medical websites. For instance, you might be required to fill in forms on a routine basis. Most sites will pop up on your browser. However, if you have blocked all the pop up windows, you may not be able to fill in the forms when you are expected to. Fortunately, this does not have to be a nightmare.


Block Pop-up Windows

Here is how to stop the pop up

If you are using Google’s chrome browser, select the menu at the right corner of the page and select settings. Then click the “show advanced settings” and proceed to the privacy area. Click on the content settings and move down to pop-ups. Proceed to manage exceptions, enter the addresses of the sites, you wish to receive popup windows from and click on allow. Now you have managed to allow selected sites to show pop ups on your browser.

This is how to do it

Block Pop-up Windows 1

The procedure above may work in most of browsers including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. On some other browsers, if you press down the control key while clicking on the approved site’s link, it will automatically start bringing pop ups. Whether you are looking for a way to allow popup windows from some sites or you want to eliminate some of the annoying sites, following the above procedure, will certainly help.

Apart from interfering with what you are doing, pop up windows can have negative effects on the performance of your PC. It is best if you trim the list down to only the pop-ups, which you are interested in. This way you will enjoy using you computer without distractions. You can use it for your home or office computer.

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