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It is important to have fast and efficient internet whether you are working or just having fun online. You could be using the internet to send and receive emails, on social media or even to access websites for information. Whatever it is that you need to do using the internet, having a flawless connectivity to Wi-Fi is critical. It makes your online activities swift and fun. By switching to a good Wi-Fi channel, you get an instant improvement in the speed of the internet connectivity you enjoy.

Choose Your Channel

The first thing you will need to establish is to know the best channel to use. In case you encounter problems in search of the best channel, you can ask for an expert’s opinion. The first step towards getting speedy connection is to click on the Wi-Fi icon found on the menu bar while holding down the option key. You will then find ‘open wireless diagnostics’ button which you should click on. While the diagnostics icon is live, click on the ‘scan’ button after you have opened the Windows.

Go to the Scan Page

After opening the scan page, you will see an overview of all connectivity setting on the left side of the page. It is here that you will find a list of channels that you can connect your gadget to. For you to have the best channel, you will need to perk up your router settings. Having a well tuned router and a well formatted device which has been connected to the best channel will definitely bring out the best Wi-Fi speedy results.

MAC OS X - Wi-Fi Channel

This process is best designed to work on Mavericks, Yosemite and El Captain. It is however important to note that the speed of your Wi-Fi is not only affected by the channel you are using. Other factors that improve your computer’s speed as far as Wi-Fi is concerned include having more antennas, increasing transmitting power and hiding SSID Id which hides you from hackers. With improved Wi-Fi connection, you will get better internet connectivity which then means you will enjoy better browsing whether it’s in social media or business emailing.

Wi-Fi internet is good for your device and works like a miracle as long as you have permission to access the network. If used properly you will enjoy browsing with your device any time. Just make sure it’s safe and you can enjoy increased speed comfortably.

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