Send As Text prompt

Normally, the Apple watch can allow a user to send a text message with ones voice through an application called Messages app. Every time one decides to send a text message using the voice, the apple watch prompts one to with a question of sending the message either as a text or as a voice recording. The prompt involving these two questions can be avoided by the use and clear following of the well explained procedure.

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Step 1. To begin with, click on the Watch app that is mainly located on the Home screen. This is the main option that can help in avoiding the activities of the prompt. Make sure the My Watch screen is positively active and if not, one can tap the My Watch icon located the bottom of the screen.

Send As Text prompt - My Watch

Step 2. On the My Watch screen, one should tap the Messages tap which is located on a list of many other options according to the preferences of the user. Then tap of the Audio Messages on the Messages screen where the current option mainly displays or shows to the right of Audio Messages.

Send as - audio messageStep 3. On the Audio Messages screen, the user should strictly choose or tap the Always Dictation option so that the apple watch can only send the messages as text or Always Audio to ensure messages are sent as audio recordings for those who are interested in sending messages as voice recordings.

Send as - always dictation

After the completion of the following procedure, one can create a new message to ensure that the procedure was right and that the send as prompt does no longer exist. Now, one can save a bit of time by avoiding the prompt.

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Conclusion: Many users of apple watch are mainly interested in the sending of messages only as text messages and others as voice recordings. This means that the process of avoiding the send as prompt is beneficial and helps in saving time that could else be used in the selection from the options provided by the prompt.

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