Windows 10 was releases with many new features and apps which will make your day easier. Now Windows 10 comes with an integrated Mail app with which you can access your email accounts like: Gmail, Yahoo!, and other. You don’t have anymore to go to different websites or apps to access your emails. All your emails can be configure in one Mail app from Windows 10.

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Setting up Email Accounts

As I said before, the Mail app supports very many mail services that supports a POP or IMAP. You even can add your Exchange mailbox or iCloud mailbox.

Remember that if you login on your computer with your Microsoft account or email account, you should already have your email account added into the Mail app.

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To get started you have to find and start the Mail app. From the app you will have to click on “Settings” icon in the left lower corner. Then from the sidebar on the right you will have to go to Accounts > Add Account. See the screenshot bellow.

Maill app in Windows 10

After clicking on Add account, you will have to choose a mail account from the available or if your mail account you want to add is not in the list, you will have to click on “Other account“.

mail app windows 10 - choose an account

There you will have to choose the correct setting, write your email address and password, if everything is correct you will get right into your inbox.

If you have added more than one account, you can switch from one email Inbox to another by selecting “Accounts” from the top left corner.

Link Multiple Inboxes Together

In mail app you will find many good features. One of the feature is to link multiple inboxes together. As the result you will see all the messages from linked accounts in one unified inbox.

To do it, point with your mouse over the lower right corner of the screen and click “Settings“. Next from the right sidebar, click on “Manage Accounts > Link inboxes“. Se the screenshot bellow:

Windows 10 Mail - link inboxes

A window box will appear, where you will have to choose the accounts you want to link. Also under Linked inbox name you have to specify the unified Inbox name. See the screenshot bellow:

mail app windows 10 - link inboxes

Beside reading all message in the Mail app, you have to remember that all your contacts and calendars will be sync to your Mail app from Windows 10.

Now, how is your experience so far with Windows 10 and Mail app? Please leave your comments bellow.

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