In order to send and receive text messages (SMS), your phone must communicate with a gateway server Message Centre. So, to be able to send text message in your phone messaging app settings must be set up an Message Centre Mobile Number. Usually this number is automatically set, but some times there are some issues when you cannot send SMS text messages because of wrong or missing Message Centre Number.

In this article I will show how to check or add Message Centre Number on your Huawei Smartphone.

Step 1. Make sure you have the correct Message Centre Number, call your mobile operator and ask for the correct Message Centre Number, or you can check it on someones smartphone who uses the same mobile operator as you.

Step 2. On your smartphone, tap the applications dashboard icon.

huawei apps dashboard

Step 3. Open the Messaging App.

Step 4. Press the Menu and then choose Settings. Note that on some older versions of Huawei the Menu Key is a physical button under the display.

huawei messaging settings

Step 5. 

Under the category “Text-message (SMS settings)” press on the SMS center number, and add the correct SMS Centre Phone Number from your operator or another phone that uses the same mobile operator.

huawei SMS center number

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