You want to pick a CPU for your new computer, but not everyone knows that building a new PC must start with Picking the CPU which is the computer leading component, than to pick all other hardware components based on the CPU. When you pickup components you should be sure that hardware components are compatible. We will help to pick the right CPU, follow the steps.


1. Pick the Brand “AMD or Intel”. Not everywhere we can pick things by brand, but choosing a CPU we can pick by brand. I’m explaining why, AMD can make same processors as Intel, but usually AMD makes more budget friendly processors, which costs less and can have same performance as Intel, but AMD does not have processors like the Intel’s Top ones, and for a Personal Computer I don’t think you need the best of the best processors which costs thousands. Later when you pick your CPU, pay attetion at Socked details, you must choose the motherboard which is supporting the same socket and there are Motherboards for Intel CPU’s and for AMD CPU’s, other way it will not work.

Benchmark from shows some CPU’s. You can see how Intel and AMD CPU’s work in different conditions:


Gaming Benchmark, here is a benchmark test which shows how different AMD and Intel CPU’s behavior when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2


2. Number of Cores. Today processors are with multiple cores, which allow the computer to do more work and X times faster. It means that 1Ghz Dual-Core CPU, can do the job of 2 CPU’s with 1Ghz Single-Core. More cores more powerful is the CPU. But if you you want a PC just for web browsing and watching videos you can chose a Dual-Core CPU and it will be more than enough, in case you need your computer for some 3D work, or gaming you should choose a Quad-Core CPU which will be much more productive.
3. Choose the Speed of CPU. Speed of a CPU is measured in Gigahertz, shortly Ghz. Here is same story as number of cores, more Gigahertz in your CPU, the faster it is. Our recommendations are the following, if you want a PC for web browsing you can choose up to 2.5Ghz, if you need a high performance PC for some Video editing, 3D work, or Gaming, starting from 3.0Ghz is a good point.
1.  Having a powerful Video Card doesn’t mean that your CPU doesn’t have to be powerful, a powerful Video Card will not run good if your CPU is cheap, the CPU has to be a good one, other ways the CPU will cutoff your Video Card performance.
2. Do not forget about compatibility, choose the CPU you want, then choose Motherboard which fits to Intel or AMD brand and the Socket has to be the same on both, CPU and Motherboard.
3. Cooling, Cooling is one of most important for CPU, a bad cooling means that your CPU will work slower, to cool down your CPU choose a more expensive fan, more expensive means is more efficient, or there are CPU’s which comes with their own fans, you will not have problems with cooling.

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