how to secure your laptop

In this article I will talk about how you should protect your laptop, we all know that laptops today are very valuable in many ways, especially when talking about all the data you save on it, for someone laptop is the only home PC and data storage device. If the laptop gets into someone hands he could use your data for doing bad things or just to steal some precious data. What you should know is that you should secure your data on your laptop and then the Laptop itself. Here I will tell you what exactly you should do to secure your laptop and the data on it.

How can I Secure my Laptop ?

laptop secure lockDo you realize that your laptop can be stolen every where in public places and no only. I would recommend you to carry your laptop in a case, use a shoulder strap carrying case as from here no one will try to steal it from you. Also if you are carrying it around do not leave somewhere your case with laptop, you never know that someone stole it from there. When using your laptop you should have always with you a “Laptop Secure Lock” with it you can lock your laptop from almost anything and to be sure that no one will shave a chance to steal it.

Do we have other Risks ?

Yes, laptops or any other computer are very interested things for intruders, they don’t need the laptop itself but the data from the Laptop. Hackers and not only hacker but simple amateurs with some good computer skills, tend to search for any access to your computer data, getting the access to your data, doesn’t depend remotely or through a virus, he can get all the data, including passwords, bank accounts data, previously used cards and bank accounts. That’s the words, besides this they can use your computer access to make money with it, by running some things on it, and you’ll never know.

How to Secure Data on my Laptop ?

To make sure your laptopĀ is secure, make sure you use a login password, not a easy password but a enought strong one and long. This will prevent anyone to login into your laptop to access your data, not having a password means that intruder can login right when sitting at your laptop desk or online, so the passwords protects you from both methods. Next thing you can try is to encrypt your data, there are some even free programs to do this, encrypting your data means that all the data is coded and even if someone steals your laptop and will not have access to your files without a password. If he will try to put your laptop to another computer, he will not be able to see and get any data, as the data is encrypted and hidden. There are some program that even can format all hard-drive after a number of password retries.

How to find your Stolen or Lost Laptop ?

Just like for the smartphones, there are programs for you computer / laptop which can be installed and in case of lost or stolen, you can locate it’s exact position, if the hard-disk was not formatted. The program will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the laptop in real time, in this case if you have luck you should contact local authorities and ask for help. Some of the programs even allow you to lock the device or to erase all information, so no one will access it.

This solution will work everywhere across the globe as long as the laptop will have internet access.

The bottom line

Any time you can be a victim, get stolen the data from your laptop, or the laptop itself, but there are many ways to protect your self, you can protect your laptop from being stolen, or the data on laptop from being accessed. Remember, you can encrypt data to prevent someone accessing it if laptop is stolen, also you should use a “Laptop Secure Lock” even if your laptop stays at home on your desk, you never know what can happen, so being overprotected is not a bad thing at all.

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