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To change a Printer Cartridge costs some good money, if you are a student and printing a lot of papers for school, you will have to worry about replacing cartridge too often.

If you have this problem, I will teach you in this article how to save toner and your money. I will teach you how to save printer toner in every way possible.

Decrease Print Quality

All of us print the documents without checking the printer settings, I will have to tel you that printer companies do the best to show that their printers are the best, even spending your money and a lot of toner to prove it.

We will have to change the printer settings from Superior Quality Printing to a lower. For this you will have to go to your Control Panel -> Device and Printers, then right click on your printer icon and choose Printing Preferences, from there go to Print Quality tab and choose Draft or Fast, it varies depending on the printer.

The printing quality will change a little bit, but text and images will look the same. You will improve your cartridge life span and you will save a lot on ink.

Use an Eco Friendly Font

Probably you didn’t know, but there are fonts that can save you a lot of ink, and there are fonts that can double and triple use of ink.

More ink usage means a more job for the printer and more electricity use as well as more money used that actually could be used to buy one two cartridges instead of one.

Here is a list of Eco Fonts that will drastically decrease your ink usage and thank me later:

Ryman Eco

ryman-ecoRyman Eco is a free font that uses 33% less ink than standard fonts and  still looks  very nice. The letters in Ryman Eco are hollow with very thin lines, and after printing you won’t notice it.

Ecofont Sans

ecofontAnother font designed to save ink is called Ecofont Sans. It has tiny holes poked into the letters to use less ink, and you will barely notice it when printing something. Of course if your printed font will be much bigger the wholes will be noticeable.


courierThe standard font Courier uses letters that are thin to save more ink. This font was also designed to save ink because it was used by type writers.

There are more eco friendly fonts like: Century Gothic or Brush Script.

Print in Grayscale

If you use a color printer you will save a lot of ink by printing in Black and White only. I am sure that you are aware that a color cartridge costs much more than a black one and usually you have to replace it more often than the black cartridge.

You should pay attention on the content you are printing. For example, if you have 10 pages to print and only 1 of them is a page that’s need to be printed in color, do not print all of them. You should print at first only the page that you need in color.

When sending document to be printed, File -> Print, and fill in the Pages the number of the page that needs to be in color, the click Print button to print.

Then print the other pages but at this time when sending the document to printer, File -> Print click on Preferences or Properties before clicking Print button. From there you will have to find and choose option to print in Grayscale (Black and White), see bellow.

Print in Grayscale

I am sure that this article will save some money in your pocket, do not forget to share like and share!

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