Windows 1.01

To run one of the first version of Windows in a browser, we will have to use an emulator, emulators are piece of software running on another type of machine but can support programs from another type of machine. In one of our posts we teached you How to Play PSP Games on Android also with the help of an Emulator installed on your Android Device.

We have different types of emulators, that are emulators that are running on Android, iOS, Windows and even for your browser. This emulator which we will use is not too different, it is a very small emulator that can run Windows 1.01

How is this Possible?

Well, Windows 1.01 was very small and computers in that times were thousands of times slower. Today computers are very fast and even a browser can handle the old Windows 1.01 with no lag. :)

Windows 1.01 appeared around 1985, I was not even born, so I never knew how it worked and how it looks. This emulator allows you to fully explore it and even test some games.

Features of Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0 offered limited multitasking of existing MS-DOS. Unfortunately Windows programs from first generation are not compatible with the current Windows versions.

Windows 1.0 was more of a “front-end to the MS-DOS operating system”. The programs from Windows 1.0 were called MS-DOS functions. GUI programs were running from .exe files just like MS-DOS programs.

Graphics support in MS-DOS is extremely limited, so MS-DOS applications have to go to the bare hardware to be able to run, sometimes to BIOS to get the work don.

Windows 1.0 included original device drivers for video cards, a mouse, keyboards, printers and serial communications.

The system requirements for Windows 1.01 were the following:

CGA/HGC/EGA “Monochrome or color monitor”, MS-DOS 2.0, 256 KB of memory or greater, and two double-sided disk drives or a hard drive.

In the version 1.03, support for Tandy and AT&T graphics modes were added.

User was operating Windows with a MS-DOS Executive file manager, and there were some supplied programs like: Calculator, Calendar, Clipboard Viewer, Clock, Notepad, Paint, Reversi, Cardfile, Terminal and Write.

Run Windows 1.01 from Your Browser

Windows 1.01 loadedIf you remember some old versions of Windows 1 or Windows 3. You will have a nostalgia running this Windows 1.01. To run the original version of Windows right from your browser, you don’t have to install or to add anything. You have to open the link provided bellow from pcjs:

Run Windows 1.01

You will find a Windows 1.01 emulator running on an old-school IBM PC XT (Model 5160). The machine features a clock speed of 4.77 Mhz with 256Kb of RAM. There is 10Mb disk space on machine.

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