There are many ways to run Ubuntu from a USB stick, however we will show you the simplest one.

The first and the most important thing you need is a USB stick with at least 2 GB of free space. Next, download the USB installer provided by Pen Drive HERE and follow the instructions below.

1. Select “Ubuntu” from the dropdown list, or whatever Linux version you want to use.

ubuntu installer 1

2. Check the box in the right and press Yes in the pop-up that appears, wait till the Linux version you chose in the 1 step downloads.

ubuntu installer 2

3. Click Browse button and open the downloaded ISO file

ubuntu installer 3

4. Choose the USB drive and click Create

ubuntu installer 4

Linux versions list on which works this tutorial:

Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, Blackbuntu, Linux mint, Debian live, Debian Netinst, Kali Linux, Fedora Live Desktop, OpenSUSE 32 bit, OpenSUSE 64 bit, Fatdog64, Lighthouse Puppy, Lucid Puppy, Puppy Arcade, Puppy 4.3.1, Precise Puppy, Racy Puppy, Slacko Puppy, Wary Puppy, DouDouLinux, Qimo 4 Kids 2.0, Sugar on a Stick, Acronis Rescue CD, Android, Antix, AOMEI, ArchBang, ArchLinux, ArtistX, BlackBox, Baltix Linux, BCCD, BlehOS, Bodhi, Boot Repair Disk, Carmedia, CentOS, Clonezilla, Crunchbang, DBAN 2.2.X, Deepin Linux, Deft Linux, DRBL, Dreamlinux, DSL 4.4.10, Dynebolic, EASUS Disk Copy, EasyPeasy, Elementary OS, Elementary Unleashed, Feather Linux, Finnix, Fuduntu, Fusion Linux, G4L, Gamedrift, Gentoo, GEEXBOX, gNewSense, gOS 3.1 gadgets, GParted, GRML, Jolicloud, Kiwi, KNOPPIX, Korora, KXStudio, Leeenux, Liberte, LinHES, Linux XP Like, LPS, LXLE Desktop, Macbuntu, Manjaro, Matriux, MCNLive Toronto, Meego, Netrunner, Ophcrack, OSGeo Live, PartedMagic, PCLinuxOS, Peach OSI, Pear OS, Peppermint, PING, Pinguy OS, Plasmaactive, PLoP Linux, Porteus, Redo Backup, Rescatux, RIP Linux, Runt Linux, Sabayon Linux, SalineOS, Satux, Simply MEPIS, SLAX, SliTaZ, Sn0wL1nuX, SolusOS, SolydX, Sparky Linux, StartOS, System Rescue CD, Tails, Terralinux, TinyCore, Trisquel, Uberstudent, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Ubuntu Studio Installer, Ultimate Boot CD, Ultimate Edition, wattOS, WifiSlax, WifiWay, XBMCbuntu, xPUD, Zenwalk Live, Zorin OS


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