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This tutorial will show you step by step how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. This is a safe and easy method to root your Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Pay attention as this tutorial is not for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 6 inch, but for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo 5.5 inch. Rooting your phone will allow to use maximum of your phone, installing custom apps, changing your device hidden performance settings. Root cannot make damage to your phone unless you try this tutorial on other phone that Galaxy Note 3 Neo, or you miss something. To root your phone follow the steps.


1. You don’t really have to make a backup of your data on phone, but if you want you can do it.

2. Make sure your phone battery is charged more that 80%.

3. Make sure your PC will not turn off or remain without power supply.

Download the Tools

1. Download Odin tool software for Rooting. Download here

2. USB Drivers for Samsung Device. Download here

3. Root File CF-Auto-Root for SM-N750 just the 3G version phone. Download here

or Root File CF-Auto-Root for SM-N7505 3G + LTE (4G) version phone. Download here

Follow the Steps to Root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Step 1. Connect your phone to PC and Install Samsung USB Driver.exe file.

Step 2. Extract Odin tool software in a folder, and Extract Root File CF-Auto-Root, and copy file: CF-Auto-Root-hl3g-hl3gub-smn75xx.tar inside Odin folder.

Step 3. Enable USB Debugging on your Phone. Go to Settings > General tab > Developer options > from upper right corner click Square Button to Enable Developer Options > check USB debugging

( If you don’t find Developer options you’ll have to make the to appear in your menu, Go to About Device, where you see Build Number, click on it fast about 5 times until you see a message saying that Developer options are now enabled, Repeat step 3 )

Step 4. Now turn of your phone and go into Download Mode, by pressing for 6 seconds at the same time Download Volume button, Power Button and Home Button. See the picture.


Step 5. You will see a warning massage on your phone screen, press Volume up key to continue or entering Download Mode.


Step 6. Now go to Odin folder, double click on Odin.exe file. If your phone is connected to PC then Odin will detect your phone automatically and show com port.


Step 7. Now click on PDA button in the Odin tool window, when you click on the PDA button Odin will ask you file location then select your CF-Auto-Root file from Odin folder or where you save this file.


Step 8. After selecting CF-Auto-Root file, Click on Start button in the Odin tool.


Step 9. After pressing start, Root process will take a few seconds and your phone will restart. You will see a green box in the Odin when the Root process will complete successful.


Step 10. After reboot disconnect your phone, on the phone go to Application Menu where you will see SuperSU app. Which means your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is rooted and you can use apps which require rooting. Enjoy!

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