Usually rooting Android phones means connecting them to a computer, but not in this case.

Rooting is like gaining Administrator access to your own phone. This gives you the possibility to modify the device’s software on the very deepest level, also there are a bunch of apps on the market that need ROOT access to open all features that your device has.

How to root LG Motion 4G

This tutorial works only on LG Motion 4G and only if you’ll follow the bellow steps in their proper order.

1. Prepare
Charge the device 100%. Disable apps like firewall, antivirus or other protective apps. If you have precious information, create backups.

2. Software downloads
On your phone download the 4shared app, install and run it. Download on Google Play
Don’t have a Google Account? Check this tutorial on How to download Apps from Google Play without an account.

3. In the search box of the app, type: Z4 root and press Search. Browse the results, you should find and download the apk for Z4root ZTE Blade. Found it? Now install it.

4. When the installation completes, run the app. Inside you’ll find 2 options: Temporary Root and Permanent Root.

Temporary Root – applies till your device gets rebooted.
Permanent Root – applies till you unroot the device yourself.

Choose the desired rooting option and wait till the process completes to root your phone. That’s all.

z4root root lg motion 4g

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