Checking through forums you can find that there are no possibilities to root your HTC Desire 510 without a PC. They are wrong, from today you can root HTC Desire 510 easily without using PC. Just use only your mobile deive. You need an utility app called KingRoot. With help of this app you can root your HTC Desire 510 which is running even the latest version of firmware.

Rooting you device will give you various additional benefits that stock device cannot offer. For example you can delete any bloatware app from your device that was installed by the HTC or mobile carrier. You can use your rooted HTC Desire 510 at full potential, you can easy overclock it with different overclocking apps from Android market that require Root.

How To Root HTC Desire 510 Without Computer

We will start rooting your HTC Desire 510, please follow the guide step by step, before this make sure that you backup all your data from you phone and note that doing something wrong you can brick your phone, so think twice before starting.

Step 1. It is less likely that you can lose your data, but anyway copy all your contacts and files somewhere safe, on an SD card for example, or you can use a free backup app from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power. Charge your phone to maximum before rooting it, as you can get in trouble rooting it and you should have enough battery power reserve.

Step 3. Open your Google Play Store app and find KingRoot app. Download KingRoot and install it. You can also download it from here: Download KingRoot app. Open a file explorer, navigate to download folder, open KingRoot.apk and install it.

Note, that if you see a warning box the you require to check Unknown sources from Settings –> Security.

Step 4. Once you installed the app, find it in your app list KingRoot and launch it. The app will try to analyze your device to find the correct root procedure.

Step 5. After some seconds, you should see the following screen: Root access available or unavailable. You have to tap on TRY TO ROOT.

kingroot try to rootStep 6. After you tap on TRY TO ROOT, even if KingRoot didn’t find an appropriate root process it will start rooting you device with a standard root process. Pay attention that root process will re-start your device automatically, do not interrupt the rooting process! See the screenshot bellow.

KingRoot RootingStep 7. When the rooting process will be completed you will see a big green tick. Congratulations! That means that the rooting process was successful. See the screenshot below.

KingRoot finishHow to Check if Your Device is Rooted ?

To confirm if you successfully rooted your Android device HTC Desire 510, go to Google Play store and download the app called: “SuperSU” and install it. Then you can download and install the app “Root Checker”.  When you will run the “Root Checker” app you will have to grand access to it with “SuperSU” app. A message will appear in the middle of the screen, just tap Grant.

That’s it! You just learn how to root HTC Desire 510 without a computer. If for some reasons the KingRoot app did not work for you, you will have to try it for the Desktop. Download it Here.


    • I have the same exact problem with my HTC as well please tell me if you were able to get passed this issue and keep the device rooted as I have tried every thing too keep root but have had no luck my phone reboots and I lose the root access please help!!

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