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Sometimes it is very difficult to understand from where comes the Echo Effect when you use your Microphone. Usually when using your computer you can solve the problem buy turning down the volume, but the problem still is not solved as you can barely hear the person you are talking to. So here are two methods that will help you to remove the echo sound from you computer or laptop when using the mic.

Uncheck “Listen to this device”

This method usually does help, you have to remove check “Listen to this device” as the Microphone listens to the computer speakers and sends the sound back to speakers. By removing the check what you will talk to microphone will not play through speakers. Here is how you do it, also with screen shots.

1. Go to “Control Panel” and open “Sound

2. Select “Recording” tab

3. Right click on Microphone and select “Properties” see the screen shot.

controlpanel recording microphone properties
4. Select “Listen” tab.

5. Uncheck “Listen to this device

6. Click “Ok” to finish.
microphone properties

Usually this works for everyone, but If this method does not help, check the next method.

Check if you have more that one Microphone

Another method is to check if you have more that one microphone, if you have for example two microphones, one integrated in your laptop and one at your headphones, you’ll have to disable one you don’t need, this is how you do it.

1. Open again “Control Panel” then “Sound

2. Select “Recording” tab and right click on microphone and click “Properties”.

3. Under Device usage select “Don’t use this device (disable)” and click “Ok“.

That’s all, hope it helped you to solve your microphone echo effect.

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