Design of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 was made so tight, that it managed to mislead all the reviewers. At first we assumed that Samsung refused to the old phone concept, and the phone was no more cover-removable and there was no access to the battery. Meantime on the Samsung’s download center appeared the Galaxy S6 manual, where we found the instructions on how to remove the battery from the phone. However the access to the battery is not so free as in the old models. And not the battery is non-removable, but if it fails there is a way to change it.

How to remove the battery on Samsung Galaxy S6

[quote_box_center]Be very careful when removing the battery, damages or faults caused by the removal of the battery are not covered by the warranty.[/quote_box_center]

Step 1: Remove the SIM card tray from the device

Step 2: Remove the back cover very carefully, if you can’t do this with your nails then use a needle. Do not rush, slowly open on one side and walk along the body.

remove cover galaxy s6

Step 3: Now remove all the screws which hold the circuit board. Then remove the circuit board.

remove screws galaxy s6

Step 4: Disconnect the battery connector using your fingernails or tweezers, do not press hard.

remove battery connector galaxy s6

Step 5: Remove the battery. Voila!

remove battery galaxy s6

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  1. George is full of crap. You cannot remove the back panel with a needle slowly; as soon as you try it spider web cracks. Thank you George. dumbass.

  2. I just removed the back case just as they explained with a needle, and didn’t screw anything up. Maybe you should blame yourself instead of Samsung or the author of this article!!!

  3. Kevin I’m not blaming no one but I work in a phone repair store, 9 out of 10 s6 backs will spider web thank your luck to be that one that didn’t

  4. I am a 65 yr old woman and had no problems removing everything without damaging a thing. Only thing disappointing is that it is all glued together. OMG!!! Not good!

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