Trying to uninstall a program on your computer sometimes can be almost impossible, most programs have a uninstaller which removes the program from your computer, but sometimes there can happen not to be an uninstaller, or something happened and it just doesn’t work.

How to remove the program if there is no uninstaller or it just doesn’t work, in this guide I will show you the possibilities to remove the program in different ways.

1. Check for Uninstaller

All installed programs on your computers should have an uninstaller in Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Control Panel > Programs and Features (Windows 7/Vista).

windows program features uninstall office

If you find in the program you want to uninstall, you can try to uninstall, also you can search for Uninstall in Start > All Programs > Program_Name Also check for uninstall file in the directory where the program is installed, for example: C:\Program Files\Program_Name  If for some reason you get an error, or there is no uninstaller you should continue to try the next following solutions.

2. Run the Setup file

If for some reason you were unlucky removing the program from Control Panel, you should run the install file. If you have the setup file of program you want remove, for example the CD where from was installed or the other sources from where you installed it. Open the Install file or Setup file, in many cases you should get option to Uninstall or Remove the program. See the screenshot.



3. Reinstall or Repair the Program

If following the steps above could not give any results, you should try to reinstall or repair the program. By reinstalling or repairing the program there is a chance that corrupted program or missing files will be fixed and you will get the option to uninstall the program. Open the Setup, or Install file and install the program, if there is no install option, it means that setup detected the program on your computer, in this case choose Repair. See the screenshot, after installining or repairing the program, Repeat Step 1.

modify repair uninstall program

 4. Sometimes you don’t have to Uninstall the Program

If your program was installed by just extracting or unzipping an archive, there should no be an uninstall option, just close the program and delete the folder with the program. Also delete the shortcuts you have. Pay attention there is a big difference between installing the program and just extracting it. Installing the program means that the program is registered in your computer and it requires an Uninstall procedure to be removed correctly, when just extracting the program from an archive doesn’t require any uninstall procedure. Just delete the program with its folder.

5. Unistall with a third-party Unistaller tool

You can use a third-party uninstaller tool, it can uninstall the program you want, if the uninstall is missing or damaged, the third-party tool can scan you computer and remove the program that no tail will remain anywhere in your computer. You can try IOBit Uninstaller also Revo Uninstaller both are free and easy to use. When you can’t remove a program use Standard mode for a basic uninstall, advanced mode or forced uninstall to scan your computer and to remove any tail, so nothing will be left over.

6. Manual Remove

If you are an advanced user you can try to remove the program by your self. Boot your computer into Safe Mode, the find where the program is installed, for example: C:\Program Files\Program_Name delete the program folder you want to remove. Now you have to remove all remain from start-up, go to Start > Run and type: msconfig and press enter, go to tab Startup and find everything with your program name and disable it. You can try to use a program like Autoruns to locate and delete any start-up entries.

Next you should remove all Registry remains, go to Start > Run and type: regedit and press enter. Go to Edit > Find and write your program name, delete each line which relates to your program, pay attention deleting something else can cause your computer not to work, easier you can use a registry cleaner like CCleaner program which will search and remove unnecessary entries in registry.


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