ios 8

As it seems iOS 8 brings more good features. In iOS 7 if you accidentally deleted a photo, you couldn’t recover it unless you had a backup in iTunes or iCloud. But in the iOS 8 version this is not the case, you can recover the photos even without a backup.[1]Just enter in the menu and open the Photos app, tap on Albums here you’ll find 2 new folders. The first one is the Recently Added folder and the second one is the Recently Deleted folder.

How to Recover Deleted Photos

Of course all the photos you’ll take will appear in the Recently Added folder, but if you delete a photo it wouldn’t completely remove from your device, it will automatically move to the Recently Deleted folder and will continue to “live” there 30 more days. Entering the folder, you will see the deleted photos and each should have a number on them telling you after how much days the photo will be completely removed.

To recover a photo, tap on Select in the right-top corner and the select the photos you want to recover. Then tap Recover in the bottom-right corner and confirm the action. The photos will automatically move to the Recently Added folder, where will continue to “live” till you delete the again.

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