With the arrival of the new OS X Yosemite, we got a bunch of new features that makes us the same time more “dependent” to Apple products. Now you can record your devices screen by connecting your Mac to them using QuickTime Player and a Data cable.

How to Record iDevice’s screen

1Connect Device to your Mac with the Lightning Cable

2On your Mac launch QuickTime Player

3Navigate to File > New Screen Recording, this should open a new Window with a Red Record Button

ios screen recording

4Find on it and click the dropdown button (on the right side of the window), select your Device & Microphone

5If you want to Highlight the Touch you make on your Device, Tick the Show Mouse Clicks

6Now that we finished configuring, just press the Red Record button to start recording. To stop recording just click the Menu bar or press Control+Cmd+N on your keyboard.

That’s all.


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