motorola nexus 6 phone

Using for a long time the Mobile phone or Tablet can also cause your eyes to hurt and to get a headache just like using your PC. You can protect your eyes on PC by using PC Glasses which protects your eyes. To use your phone you don’t have to wear PC glasses.

bluelight filter app screenshot

To protect your eyes when you use a mobile phone you can use Bluelight Filter application, it’s a free application which can protect your eyes. The application uses to lower blue light on your phone display, just like a filter for protecting your eyes. You can adjust the level and the application does not darken your phone display.

Here my test and screenshots, in the first screenshot I am using my phone without Bluelight Filter, in the second screenshot I use Bluelight Filter app without changing any settings, just enabled.

screenshots with bluelight filter and without bluelight filter enabled

Using Bluelight Filter app will make easier for you to read from the display and to navigate on internet as the application does not darken all your screen but just the blue light, so everything else┬ástay bright and very easy to read. Try it on Google Play by searching: “Bluelight Filter” or click link here from your PC.

Important Note:

You can experience problems when installing apps after enabling the Bluelight Filter, check the link here.

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