You won’t say I am lying if I say that Smartphones are notorious battery hogs unless you’ve never used one. You can be sure that you battery will get low even when you do not use it, see the reasons here.  They have luscious AMOLED and LCD screens, which continuously drain your battery. The screens make your phone look amazing and I am sure you do not want to have any other screen to save battery power. Don’t worry though because with these battery saving tips, the lifespan of your Android battery will be prolonged. Check them out!

HTC Android Display Menu

A Shorter Display’s Screen Timeout

Did you know that when you set your screen timeout to a minute, it normally use four times the amount of energy to put it on? Well, now you know. So, you know what to do… your screen display timeout should be as short as possible. If you asked me, I would recommend 15 seconds or less.

Switch Off Vibrate

Switch off vibration alerts and instead, let your phone ring to alert you for the incoming calls unless you must have that added awareness. For your information, your Android phone uses more power to vibrate than it does to ring and therefore, avoid putting it on vibrate mode unless you’re in a place where the sound will cause inconveniences.

Switch Off Haptic Feedback

Granted, the buzz you get when you type on the keyboard is so lovely. But does it rely add anything to your experience? The answer is a resounding no! You need to put it off because it’s one of the battery drainers.

Use The Original Batteries Always

You might be going to a function and you’ve predicted that your phone will run out of battery. In that case, charge your phone and preserve the power instead of currying with you a spare battery that is substandard. If you have to curry one, then it must be original or must come from certified third party manufacture batteries. A sub-standard battery might either damage your smartphone or deliver poor battery performance.

Use Dark Themes and Settings

Android Icons

Another thing that will help prolong your Android battery life is using darker app backgrounds as well as darker launcher themes especially if your smartphone has an AMOLED screen.

Turn Off Some Connections Sometimes

It’s not necessary that you stay connected all the time. Sometimes, you can turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth as well as other mobile data when you don’t need them.

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