how not to ge swat swatted

Swatting has become a bad popular trend, swatting became popular in the past months. Swatting is a trick made by online game players or viewers to a game player who is live streaming. The trick is to call an emergency service like 911 or 112 and to alert a false report of an on-going critical incident and indicating the address of the person who currently is live streaming a gameplay. After this SWAT units or other police units are assaulting the live streamer house, and everything is online from his webcam.

I would insist for anyone not to do this trick as it already carries a potential jail time and a $10,000 fine in the US and other countries. Swatting is considered as a federal and state offense. Also you should now that the offender can get caught with no problems and can also be charged with additional lawsuits.

How Not to Get Swatted

1. Hide Your Location from Anyone

The main thing for not getting swatted, is not to write your home address anywhere, like on your Facebook page, Google Plus or in chat of the game you are playing. The person who tricks you will have to tell the police an address. Hiding your location will save you.

Also if you have knowledge and possibility, you can use software tools to hide your external IP address.

2. Call the Local Police Department

If you realized that people chatting with you asked your address, or joked about swatting you, then you should probably worry. Rather that waiting a surprise at the door, you must take immediate action. Call the police department, as this is not an emergency call you can call your local police department office phone number.

When calling your police department try to explain the situation. Maybe you are even happy to know some police officers in personal and explain them the situation, that you are online on the internet and someone considered a good opportunity to send a false alarm at your home.

3. Leave the Lights On

You should leave the indoor and outdoor lights on, if you are still getting swatted, the police officers will not have to make a mess and rush on you in the dark. It will be safer for you to have the lights on and not so stressful.

4. Get Your Dogs In

If you consider that having dogs outside is safe, you are wrong. In case of swatting, usually police officers can kill your pets because they are doing their job and it’s a thread for them. When you found out or you think that you’ll be soon swatted, don’t panic, don’t hurry.

What if You Will Get Swatted Anyway

If you will get swatted, you must do everything what police says. After they will get you and everyone will calm down, you can explain the situation. Tell the police officer that you are the owner of the house, or you are the son of the owner and currently you are streaming online with your webcam and someone did a prank to you by calling the police with a false alarm. Don’t panic, don’t scream, take it easy and calm, let the police officers do their job, then you will have the right and time to explain everything. You will not be charged, but the person who did it will be for sure.

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